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What are Barn Owl pellets? Barn Owls are unable to digest the fur and bone of their prey, which they usually swallow whole. The indigestible parts are regurgitated (coughed up through the beak) in the form of an owl pellet. After feeding, producing a pellet takes 6 hours or more. After each night's hunting an owl regurgitates 1 or 2 pellets. Barn Owl pellets are typically about the size of a man's thumb and black when fresh Barn Owl pellets are a wonderful tool for classrooms of all ages. The concepts of natural history, ecology and predator/prey relationships may all be found in this mysterious fur ball. Large pellets are 1-1/2 inch or greater in size, with the average size being 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 inches long. Note: The Barn Owl population is at a 10-year low and. Most Barn Owl pellets are found inside roost and/or nest sites (e.g. in buildings, tree or rock cavities). Pellets found outdoors are much less likely to be from a Barn Owl unless they are directly below an entrance hole (e.g. a hole into a tree cavity or nestbox) or a well-used hunting perch The Barn Owl does not hatch from its egg with teeth; therefore, they must swallow pieces of their prey or the whole animal at one time. They form the indigestible parts of their prey into small masses called castings or pellets

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Our study shows that barn owl pellets can be used effectivley to assess pelobatid activity in an area. This might constitute a useful monitoring tool for conservation management for amphibians. Vie Each Barn Owl Pellet is from the wild and unique in size, shape, and contents. Owl Pellets are a Natural Educational Tool that is useful in determining the diet of the Barn Owl. Owl Pellets may be purchased in any amount. Price breaks on large quantities Pellets from owls are the easiest to find and study, particularly barn, tawn y and little owl, if these live in your area. This guide will mostly concentrate on these, and the two commonest day flying birds of prey, the kestrel and sparrowhawk. Finding pellets requires knowing a little about the habits of the bird. Most pellets ar e produced at th Barn Owl Pellet — Suffolk Owl Sanctuary. These individual pellets are sterilised with heat to ensure they are safe at home or in the classroom. They are also sorted for quality and size to make sure that each pellet provides an interesting and educational experience

Once the prey is caught, most Barn Owls will use their beak to tear chunks of flesh of to swallow. Approximately 20 hours after consuming their prey, the Barn Owl will regurgitate the indigestible remains into the form of a pellet. The contents of an average owl pellet will consist of hair, fur, bones, claws, beaks, and insect shells A barn owl will often regurgitate two pellets after one night of feeding. A pellet is regurgitated 6 or more hours after the barn owl swallowed the prey item. The pellet is formed in the stomach where all the indigestible parts of the prey item are left, then the pellet is compacted and then regurgitated A four minute video explaining what a Barn Owl pellet is. To find out more, visit the Barn Owl Trust website; http://www.barnowltrust.org.uk

My mum was out walking the dogs the other evening when a Barn Owl flew over her head. She noted where it landed and came home to tell me. The next day we went out and searched around the bottom of the tree, realising that this must be a regular roost as the ground surrounding the tree was littered with owl pellets in varying stages of decomposition Barn Owl Pellets What the Heck is a Barn Owl Pellet? Barn Owls usually swallow their prey whole, and their food passes into their gizzard. The gizzard is an organ that uses digestive fluid and bits of sand and gravel to grind and dissolve digestible material Barn owl pellets are a suitable methodology to characterize small mammals' communities from different ecoregions. PERMANOVA suggest significant differences between the Monte and the Patagonian steppes, but no significant differences between samples collected inside each ecoregion Capsule Barn Owl pellets can be used to assess population changes in small mammals though with certain important reservations. Aims To conduct a large-scale, long-term analysis of pellets regurgitated by Barn Owls collected from a defined area of countryside within the UK south Midlands and compare results with those of other studies that have used.

Barn Owl Pellet (Regular) Owl pellets consist of undigested hair and bones that owls spit up following a meal. As such, they contain valuable clues to what the owl was eating and the habitat in which the owl was hunting. Identify bones in these barn owl pellets using bone sorting charts or display your findings in the glass-topped displays we also offer. All of our pellets are screened for. Large Owl Pellets are perfect for in the classroom. All in one Dissection kit ready for students. Large pellets are 1 1/2 Inch and larger in size. Pellets are wrapped and have been heat treated for safety. Note: the barn owl population is at a 10-year low and natural owl pellet supplies are limited Barn Owl Pellets by Discount Owl Pellets, Washington. 273 likes. Owl Pellets are a great science project! www.discountowlpellets.co

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Genuine Barn Owl Pellets Whether you purchase sterilized barn owl pellets or find them yourself, our goal is that everyone be able to enjoy this hands-on lesson in exploration! At Kidwings, we think there's a world of discovery waiting to be had by your students slimy pellet. The pellet passes into the proventriculus and remains there for up to ten hours before being regurgitated. When an owl eats more than one prey within several hours, the remains are consolidated into one pellet. New prey cannot be swallowed until the pellet is ejected. Barn owls produce one to two pellets per 24 hours

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Barn Owl Pellets are a natural teaching tool. They are a fantastic example of the food chain, the principles of ecology, animal structure and function, skeletal anatomy, and natural history! From kindergarten to the collegiate level, owl pellets meet the National Standards, Content Standard C: Grade 5-8, Populations And Ecosystems All Owl Pellet Products; Barn Owl Pellets. Large Owl Pellets; Medium Owl Pellets; Small Owl Pellets; Owl Pellet Kit Of 100 (1+ inch) Owl Pellet Kits. Owl Pellet Kit Of 100 (1+ inch) Owl Pellet Kit Of 30 Medium Pellets (1.5+ inch) Owl Pellet Kit Of 25 Medium Owl Pellets (1.5+ inch) Owl Pellet Kit Of 15 Medium Owl Pellets (1.5+ inch) Contact U The barn owl, Tyto alba, like all birds of prey regurgitates a pellet containing the indigestible bones, fur, and feathers of its prey. Because birds of prey can regurgitate the indigestible parts of their prey they can get rid of unnecessary weight quickly

The owl pellets that we provide here at OWL are collected from wild Barn Owl nests. This means that the pellets could contain a wide variety of bones from many different species of prey; Anything from birds to different species of rodents Pellets are found in different locations, depending on the species. In general, these are roosting and nesting sites: for most hawks and owls, under coniferous trees; for barn owls , at the bases of cliffs or in barns and silos; for yet other species of owls, at their burrows or in marsh and field grasses The barn owl (Tyto alba) is the most widely distributed species of owl in the world and one of the most widespread of all species of birds, being found almost everywhere in the world except for the polar and desert regions, Asia north of the Himalayas, most of Indonesia, and some Pacific Islands They eat their prey as a whole as they do not have teeth to chew; however, the hard content of the victim like bones and indigestible fur are thrown out in the form of owl pellets. Unlike the Tawny owl's barn, owls don't hoot in the night; instead, they have a shrieking call

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  1. Distribute one barn owl pellet, toothpick, and Ziploc plastic bag to each student. Rubber gloves are optional, but not necessary, as the pellets have been heat sanitized and are safe to handle with bare hands. Demonstrate to the students how to dissect their pellets by first gently breaking the pellet in half
  2. Pellets Barn Owl Pellet, Small (Pack of 20) 4.6 out of 5 stars 166. Pellets Inc Barn Owl Pellets - Large - Pack of 15. 3.5 out of 5 stars 11. £78.87.
  3. From A-Z (anatomy to zoology) dissecting barn owl pellets connects kids to nature in a fun and affordable way! Here are some activities you can enjoy on this website -- no purchase necessary! Download the eBooks. Learn About Owls and their Prey. Dissect a Virtual Pellet with Sherlock Bones
  4. Pellets barn owl large pellets are a wonderful tool for classrooms of all ages. The concepts of natural history, ecology and predator/prey relationships may all be found in this mysterious fur ball. Large pellets are 1-1/2-inches or greater. Note: the barn owl population is at a 10-year low and natural owl pellet supplies are limited
  5. e the number of each type of animal the owl consumes during a 24-hour period. Use only whole numbers
  6. ing its pellets. Studies of dissected owl pellets provide information about changes in feeding habits that occur from season to season as well as the different species of animals and/or plants that are found in the owl's habitat
  7. • dissecting an owl pellet and separating its contents Objectives • Dissect an owl pellet. • Identify the species eaten by an owl from the remains found in an owl pellet. • Construct a food web containing an owl from a list of species found in owl pellets. Materials • gloves • forceps • white paper • northwestern barn-owl pellet

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  1. ing the shape and form of the bones. By identifying the contents of many pellets, the general dietary preferences of barn owls can be.
  2. This is our biggest size of barn owl pellets, a large 2 or more (often 3 or larger), which provides the greatest variety of bones to piece together. These owl pellets typically contain multiple skeletons and will provide an exciting discovery experience. This item is just the owl pellet without instructions
  3. Standard Sterilized barn owl pellets from OR, WA, ID, UT. These are our most popular sterilized pellets and almost always include one entire prey, sometimes two. Includes paddle picks and a downloadable guide. What's the difference between pellets from the Northwest and the Southwest United States
  4. include rats and occasionaly birds and even frogs. Barn Owl pellets are made up of the fur and bones of the small mammals which the owl usually swallows whole. The pellets often accumulate at roosting sites and when analysed can be used as a good indicator of diet. Pellet storage and preparation When fresh, Barn Owl pellets are black and very moist
  5. Barn owls provide a particularly good source of pellets as they tend to drop them under their roost sites (a licence is needed to enter when the roost is in use), but pellets can also be found on or below fence-posts and walls where a bird has perched to feed - so it's worth looking for them when you're out for a walk
  6. A barn owl swallows its prey either whole or in big chunks. Any part of its prey the owl is unable to digest is regurgitated (coughed up) later as a pellet. A barn owl pellet is black and thumb-sized. Pellets are produced around 6 hours (or more) after the owl originally ate its prey. By dissecting a barn owl's pellet, you can find out what it has been eating
  7. Barn Owl pellets are collected primarily in the NW from, sites both natural and man-made. The pellets arrive to our shop in raw form and are carefully graded. Partial and broken pellets are discarded. From the grading table pellets are dried, heat treated and foil wrapped in our facility in Bingen, Washington

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  1. Once swallowed, the food travels down the owl's oesophagus to the gizzard. Soft parts of the prey are then broken up by enzymes, but the hard bony components and other elements such as hair and feathers remain undigested. These are then 'regurgitated' or coughed up, as a pellet, before the owl can eat its next meal
  2. A Barn owl pellet found in nestbox showing the caterpillar of the Monopis weaverella moth which feeds on the pellets Female Great horned owl (Bubo virginianus) coughing out a pellet Colorado, USA. black-billed magpie (Pica pica), owl pellet. Owl bird of prey dropping pellet little ball.
  3. Barn Owl Facts. A clutch of little owlets. Even if you do not see or hear the owls, finding a pile of owl pellets is a good indication that the nest box is occupied. A family of owls can capture and eat over 1,000 rodents during the nesting season. A Few Favorite Owl Links. The Barn Owl Trust Conserving the Barn Owl and its.
  4. This pellet travels up from the gizzard back to the proventriculus. It will remain there for up to 10 hours before being regurgitated. Because the stored pellet partially blocks the Owl's digestive system, new prey cannot be swallowed until the pellet is ejected. Regurgitation often signifies that an Owl is ready to eat again

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Medium Owl Pellets measure about 1.5 to 2 inches long. On average they contain more remains than our Small Owl Pellets. When you purchase receive our Bone Matching Chart for FREE! We sanitize all of our Owl Pellets for your safety. Makes great gift! Find out what an owl eats and reconstruct a rea Pound for pound, Barn Owls consume more rodents - often regarded as pests by humans - than possibly any other creature. We remind viewers that sometimes owlets may not survive - the parents will dispose of things in The Owl Way -viewer discretion is advised, this is nature and the Owl way. ~ Animals, like us, are living souls Owl pellets are regurgitated hairballs that contain a number of small bones from mammals that the owl has consumed. Photos of owl pellet contents a guide to help identify the bones of small mammals found when dissecting and analysing barn owl pellets

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(PDF) Barn owl pellets: A useful tool for monitoring small

Our Barn Owl Pellets are perfect to illustrate the nature of food chains and to demonstrate the role of predators in the ecosystem. Educational Innovations offers only Department of Agriculture approved, heat-sterilized (no odor) pellets. Owl Pellets are a natural educational tool. Introduce skeletal anatomy and the identification of prey with our Owl Pellets from the wild -- each unique in. One of the first things we were shown were Owl pellets and I began to wonder if we were going to see any owls. We were taken out to see the resident owl boxes and later on we were lucky enough to see a Barn owl and a Tawny owl. I am glad that this was left till the end of the day With its ghostly appearance, rasping shrieks, and habit of roosting in such places as church belfries, this bird has attracted much superstition. However, it is really a good omen for farmers who find it in their barns, for it preys chiefly on mice and rats. Discovered in its daytime retreat, the Barn Owl bobs its head and weaves back and forth, peering at the intruder

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Owl Pellet Kits can be a fast and inexpensive way to get the needed supplies for your classroom's Owl Pellet Dissection Lesson. Owl Pellet Quick Facts. Owl Pellets are the indigestible remains of an Owl's food. Fur, feathers, teeth, claws, and bones cannot be broken down by an Owl's stomach. They are indigestible The owl pellets that you will be examining in this lab have been collected from common barn owls. Using tweezers and other tools, you will carefully remove the contents of the owl pellets and reconstruct the skeletons of the small mammals that the barn owl ate. Students can identify several bones, such as vertebrae, ribs and jaws from the contents Barn Owl. 53 4 Barn Owl Owl Eyes Bird. 56 9 Snow Owl Owl Barn Owl. 69 41 Owl Bird Animal. 61 30 Barn Owl Owl Raptor. 47 8 Barn Owl Wildlife. 48 32 Barn Owl Owl Raptor. 62 1 Bird Barn Owl Owl Barn. 70 6 Owl Barn Owl Enchanted. 45 10 Barn Owl Owl Bird. 66 70 Barn Owl Owl Bird Bill. 49 3 Barn Owl Owl Bird. 50 4 Owl Barn Barn Owl Bird. 38 3 Owl.

  1. In this activity, students dissect owl pellets and reconstruct the skeletons of animals inside to discover what the owls have been eating. When you first see an owl pellet, you will probably think that it is feces, but this pellet has been regurgitated from the other end, the owl's beak. Owls are predators and usually swallow [
  2. utes to completely come out. During this time, though, the owl will make gagging or choking-like noise that sounds like a cat trying to cough up a hair ball. When the pellet has reached the top of the esophagus, it will fall out onto the ground below the owl
  3. Barn Owl pellet dissection and analysis. The skeletons of 4 small mammals retrieved from a single pellet (shown/photographed). A short video detailing the dissection process and recommended reading
  4. I tested my hypothesis by analyzing the content of Barn Owl pellets collected during September of 2010. I collected pellets inside barns at the Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Station (Union County) in NE Oregon (site 1), and at 4 locations in Benton County in NW Oregon (sites 2-5) (Table 1)
  5. e prey usage. Assess Survival and Dispersal of Barn Owls . Barn owls were banded following standard protocol of the Patuxent Wildlife Researc

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But barn owls are special, said Bret Gaussoin, owner of Pellets Inc. based in Bellingham, Wash., one of several American companies devoted exclusively to owl pellets If you see these, you very well may have a resident Barn Owl that might nest in a Barn Owl box. Try to place your box near the area where the pellets were found. Place your Barn Owl box 20 to 25 feet off the ground in a covered barn or silo that is not often used. Clean your owl nest box once a year All of our 'California' barn owl pellets are 1-1/2 in. long or greater in size, with the average size being 2-1/2 in. long. Barn owls in the arid west must conserve water; therefore these owl pellets are more compact than Pacific Northwest pellets. 'California' pellets are often found outdoors and will therefore show the effects of weathering Description. This is our biggest size of barn owl pellets, a large 2 or more (often 3 or larger), which provides the greatest variety of bones to piece together. These owl pellets typically contain multiple skeletons and will provide an exciting discovery experience. This item is just the owl pellet without instructions 1-16 of 275 results forowl pellets. Price and other details may vary based on size and colour. hand2mind Animal Science Kit for Kids 8-12, Kids Science Kit with Fact-Filled Guide, Learn About Animal Biology and Dissect Owl Pellets, STEM Toys, 10 Science Experiments. 4.5 out of 5 stars202. £14.99£14.99

Farms. One of my personal favorite locations to find pellets is on farms. Barn owls ( Tyto alba) are likely to spend their entire life living on or around a farm and they can provide you with a steady flow of pellets if you know where to look. Search the ground around any large trees on the farm Barn Owls usually swallow their prey whole, and later regurgitate indigestible bones and fur in the form of a pellet. These pellets can then be examined to identify what the owls eat. Based on an analysis of 1107 of these pellets, cotton rats, roof rats, and rice rats comprise 56% of the diet of Barn Owls in the EAA I'm reasonably sure that these are barn owl pellets, but I would welcome confirmation as I don't have a lot of experience with owl pellets. Each one measured 4-5cm long by about 3cm wid Forty minutes later, the entire pellet will have been heated to 325 degrees and that is hot enough to kill any bacteria such as E. coli or other bad stuff that might be present. (I probably should mention that when collecting owl pellets, you should use gloves or pick them up with a plastic bag

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Barn owl pellets, bird pellets, birding, British birds, dissecting pellets, Field voles, mammal bones, voles bones If you'd told me 5 years ago that I would one day google 'How to dissect owl pellet', I would've laughed in your face, but guess what I did today The pellet is composed of fur, feathers, bones, and other undigested parts of the consumed prey. Pellets begin forming within the digestive tract of the owl as soon as the prey is swallowed. The pellets are then coughed up, or regurgitated, and the owl begins feeding once more. Th dozen fresh pellets below an active Barn Owl nesting burrow along Cerrososo Creek ap - proximately 6 km east of the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Colfax County, New Mexico (Fig. 1). Among the vertebrate remains within these pellets was a single jumping mouse (Zapus) cranium. Although the condition of the skull has thus far prevente Additionally, barn owls are free to keep in the orchard, but make sure to maintain and clean nest boxes in the offseason by removing owl pellets. Barn owls do not migrate and will return the following year, according to Long Tonight, Wildlife Club combined pellets with technology, when we dissected some barn owl pellets and then used our digital microscopes to take a closer look! Most of the club had not heard of owl pellets, had never seen one and certainly never dissected one! We learnt that a barn owl eats its prey whole an

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Owls expel two or more 'owl pellets' each day, consisting of indigestible bits of bone, teeth and fur. Even if you do not see or hear the owls, finding a pile of owl pellets is a good indication that the nest box is occupied. A family of owls can capture and eat over 1,000 rodents during the nesting season I would estimate that this pellet contained bones from at least three different rodents as well as a single Shrew. If the average owl were to eat four animals total in a single day, that would amount to 28 each week, 112 in a month and 1344 in a year. considering the size of a single Barn Owl this could been seen as a lot By dissecting the pellets and examining the bones and bone fragments, students learn about the small animals upon which the owls feed. Each WARD'S owl pellet is heat-treated and hand-tested to ensure sterility, making them safe for use in your classroom and lab. New Product Owl pellets are regurgitated hairballs that contain a number of small bones from mammals that the owl has consumed. Photos of owl pellet contents a guide to help identify the bones of small mammals found when dissecting and analysing barn owl pellets. Skull jaw shoulder blade front leg hip back leg rib vertebrae misc

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Owl Pellets - Martin Armstrong Thanks to Martin for this shot of Barn owl pellets found, appropriately enough, in a barn on the road between Lossit and Octofad. They are quite big lumps for a bird to regurgitate - but I guess Barn owls can swallow young rats whole so if big lumps can go down one way then big lumps can come back up the same way Long-eared Owl, 12.7 percent; in the Burrowing Owl 15.9 percent; and in the Barn Owl, 10.1 percent. Average pellet rates per day for the year were 1.2 for the Great Horned Owl, 1.4 for the Long-eared Owl, 1.5 for the Burrowing Owl and 1.7 for the Barn Owl The use of Barn Owl Tyto alba pellets to assess population change in small mammals WILLIAM R. MEEK1,2∗, PETER J. BURMAN3, TIM H. SPARKS4,5,6,7, MAREK NOWAKOWSKI8 and NIALL J. BURMAN9 1NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Maclean Building, Crowmarsh Gifford, Wallingford, OX10 8BB, UK; 2Midfield Ecology Ltd, 60 Midfield Road, Humberston, Grimsby, DN36 4TH, UK; 352 Rochester Way, Twyford identify and age barn owls (including identification and ageing of owl chicks (and different owl species)); b. identify field signs of barn owls (including droppings, pellets, pellet debris, moulted feathers and egg shells); c. recognise barn owl calls (adults and young); d. assess habitat potential for barn owls; e Identification of owl pellets, Identification,owl pellets, owl, tawny owl, jackdaw, barn owl, kestrel,little owl, owl, owls, pellet, bone, bones, geographonic.

Barn owl, scientific name Tyto alba is a nocturnal bird of prey with massive eyes and a coronary heart-formed face. Barn owls (household Tytonidae) are one of many two households of owls, the opposite being the true owls or typical owls, Strigidae. Barn Owl. They're medium to massive owls with massive heads and attribute heart-shaped faces Dissecting Barn Owl Pellets. pumpkinsandcats (61) in Amazing Nature • (61) in Amazing Nature Mar 5, 2018 - In this image and information rich version of OBDK's Barn Owl Discovery Guide, Kidwings takes us to the next level of understanding of barn owls and their Habitat, Habits, & Prey. This publication is popular with teachers in schools, home, and in the.. 174 Free images of Barn Owl. Related Images: owl bird animal raptor nature nocturnal wildlife plumage. 540 75. Barn Owl Bird Flying. 341 41. Barn Owl Owl Bird. 358 33. Barn Owl Perched. 270 14 Barn Owl pellet - mammal prey remains analysis. Karen Sutton, Crossness Nature Reserve Manager, has a growing collection of Barn Owl pellets creating an 'interesting' aroma in her on-site office. These need dissecting to extract and identify the remains (various bones and teeth) of the small mammal prey to be found within them

Actualistic taphonomy of barn owl pellet-derived small mammal bone accumulations in arid environments of South America The avian family of barn owls (Tytonidae, Strigiformes) is the most geographically widespread group of owls in the world and one of the most common accumulators of small mammal bone and tooth remains recovered from archaeological and.. Owls of three sizes, the large great horned owl ( Bubo virginianus ), the medium-sized barn owl ( Tyto alba ), and the small screech owl ( Otus asio ), were fed a common diet of mice. The bony contents of the pellets were analyzed to determine the amount of bone loss by digestion, bone completeness, and sites of bone breakage

No accounts of barn owl pellet contents from North Carolina have been pub lished other than anecdotal remarks such as a bog lemming, Synaptomys cooperi, from near Elizabeth City (Lee et al., 1982) and a southeastern shrew, Sorex longirostris, from Hatteras Island (Engels, 1941). Barn owl pellets from two l Small mammals, most notably Field Voles (Microtus agrestis), make up a large proportion of a Barn Owl's diet. Reading suggested that one pellet, following a night's feeding, could hold 4 full skeletons. I was keen to see if this really was the case and what exactly the Barn Owls had found to eat on/around Box Moor Trust land Owl pellets offer tremendous opportunities for enhancing small mammal studies; however, we do not advocate the replacement of conventional trapping with owl pellet analysis for all types of investigations. There are landscapes uninhabited by owls, and thus, owl pellets are not a suitable sampling method in these areas Barn Owl pellets are usually 1-1 ½ inches thick and 1-3 inches long. Photo by: Kate Heyden Barn Owls, like other owls, regurgitate undigested parts of food in pellets. Since Barn Owls often swallow prey whole, pellets usually contain fur, skulls and bones

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: Barn Owl, Tyto alba, Owl pellets, Small mammals, Rodentia, Lebanon. * Corresponding author. e-mail: mabisaid9@gmail.com. 1. Introduction . Owl pellets have been studied on a few occasions in Lebanon. Bate (1945) recoded eight species of mammals recovered from the Long-eared Owl, Asio otus, pellets collected form Cedars of Bsherreh. Bayl The owl pellets used in this lab come from barn owls which are an endangered species found in RI. Safety: All of the owl pellets have been sterilized. Wash hands after lab. Materials: Tray, toothpicks, owl pellet, glue, owl pellet bone chart, rodent skeleton diagram, ruler,.

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In 2013, Kent Wildlife Trust decided the barn owl would be its flagship species - the logic was that promoting habitats for barn owls was good for lots of other wildlife too - and built aabout. Owl Pellets. The owl pellets that we provide here at OWL are collected from wild Barn Owl nests. All of our owl pellets are heat treated, wrapped, and then frozen to ensure they are sterilized before you receive them. If you prefer to pay by cheque or would like to pick up in person, please email us at info@owlrehab.ca

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